The word photography translates to: writing with light.  With that said, my camera has allowed me to become the storyteller that I’ve always desired to be.

I graduated with a Photography Diploma in 2013 and since then I have had an exciting plethora of gigs which include:

Taking food and product photographs for Demand Media Studios which have been published in over 700 online articles.

Photographing events for the Susan G.  Komen Foundation, the National Kidney Foundation, and the Animal Rescue League.

Shooting architecture for real estate and creating virtual tours across central Iowa.

Traveling the USA photographing National Parks.


My main equipment consists of:


Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 5D Mark III

16-35 mm L

17-40 mm L

24-105 mm L

70-300 mm L

600 ex II Flash

Manfrotto Tri-pod

I have a profound  love for my city of Des Moines.  I feel very blessed to live in a place that gets all four seasons, has wonderful people, and affords a bountiful quality of life.  I believe Des Moines is somewhat of a best kept secret.  It has a small town atmosphere while simultaneously providing big city opportunities; there aren't many places with the capacity to grant both.   Being centrally located, it's also the perfect starting out point for any road trip one could ever wish to take.

I consider the road to be my second home.  I have invested much of my time in exploring the wild recesses of America.  Though I try to create my own interpretation of famous landscapes, I am also content observing unique beauty in the lesser known, quieter corners of the country.  I can’t think of anywhere I wouldn’t go if it meant capturing the pure, raw beauty of an untouched landscape.

The True World doesn't solely exist in wild landscapes, but extends far beyond.  It is in anything that elevates the senses or transcends you from the ordinary.  It is from this specific love of beauty that I am constantly drawing inspiration from humankind's place within nature. I am exhilarated by cities, people, architecture, food, music, and so much more.  We have contrived an identity upon this planet, and I love to unearth it.

Photography is more than just an aesthetic experience, it’s an emotional way to understand life. This is where we live. This is who we are.

I am a storyteller with a camera, using natural light to describe the way I see the world.  Thank you so much for being here!  I hope you enjoy my photographs.

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Laura Nova

Des Moines, IA